Destination Properties LLC

Welcome to a world of exclusive hospitality management.
Destination Properties LLC develops, opens and operates hotel and resort properties with the expertise and experience to customize services for each unique client. From downtown city hotels to seaside resorts, Destination Properties LLC knows that the underlying motive in hotel management is to make a profit.

From the Desk of Michael Bullis

Today, it is readily apparent to the hotel investor or owner that the lodging industry is in a state of flux. Wherever one turns, the pitfalls of the marketplace are taking their toll. Hotel chains and independent properties, big and small, come and go. The reason??? Take your pick: Inflation. Overbuilding. Recession. Interest Rates. Changing Markets. Investment Trends. Population Shifts. Mismanagement and inevitably - Competition.

In the face of all this Destination Properties has come into being with a singular commitment: To package the knowledge and skills its management and marketing team possesses and offer it in a carefully programmed and highly selective way to the hotel industry.

What credentials does Destination Properties offer that enables it to hold out to others the promise of success? It is the complete understanding of the processes that are necessary for a hotel to cope with its competition, preserve its physical well-being, maintain fiscal stability, develop new business, understand technology, provide employee training, and operate with a bottom-line profit mind set.

Destination Properties knows all this and cites as positive proof its attributes of experience, people and services. What this means in factual terms is described in the Mission Statement below: