Services and Partnerships

Destination Properties LLC is an entirely integrated Hospitality Management Company offering a comprehensive range of management solutions as an operator, consultant, joint partner or investor.

Our strengths are founded on the diversity of our management team and associate partnerships. The collective skills of these entities contribute to the complete comprehension of each project we undertake which allows us to deliver a profit driven solution.


Management Services
Investment Partnerships and Financing
Hospitality Management
Consulting and Expert Witness Support
Sales and Marketing Solutions
Pre-Opening and Technical Support
Due Diligence
Asset Management



Investment Partnerships and Financing

Destination Properties LLC has entered into several projects on a 'partnership' basis either as a Joint Venture Partner or through short and long term financial contributions to a project.

Several options are available such as:

With any of these options, or others, the customized partnership basis are designed for project success and a win-win solution for all parties involved.

Hospitality Management

Destination Properties LLC undertakes short and long term management agreements with the purpose of driving income, profit and organizational change. Each of our senior executives has significant experience with impact management for the takeover of existing properties and the pre-opening of new hotels and resorts. Additionally each executive is experienced in market repositioning.

We deliver solutions for a range of clients tailored to the unique challenges each client faces within their respective markets.

Key areas we can address in our management agreements are:

Consulting and Expert Witness Support

Hotel Consulting services on a full range of management and marketing concerns provided as either a project or on an across-the-board basis.

A consultant operation that provides each client the services of Destination Properties management/marketing team on a limited involvement basis for:

Compensation for such services will be proposed by Destination Properties LLC upon a review and analysis of the property.

Sales and Marketing Solutions

Whether independent or franchise affiliated the success of any small to mid-size property can be directly tied to an aggressive on site sales and marketing program. At Destination Properties LLC, our owners/agent based sales and marketing programs are designed to provide the independent operator with the necessary resources needed to direct on site sales efforts and market expansion while maintaining day-to-day control of each individual property.

Our commitment is to build revenue through aggressive sales and marketing programs as we are able to offer quality properties that are properly positioned to compete within the market. Three phases are critical to the overall plan.

Phase l  Property and Market Review

Conduct a market study and thorough review of the property's facilities, amenities, published rates, operating systems, customer service training, franchise relations, existing sales programs and supporting collateral materials. Present to the owner the detailed review of the market study and property profile.

Phase 2  Marketing and Sales Plan

Recommendations are made and evaluated culminating in an overall marketing/sales plan created to meet the needs of the individual property.

Phase 3  Plan Implementation

Implement an ongoing sales action program which consists of monitoring the direct sales calls on a local level and acquiring regional assistance for calls made on your behalf by DPLLC and DPLLC affiliate partners located throughout California and the United States.

Pre-Opening and Technical Serives

One of the most specialized aspects of the hotel business is the pre-opening and takeover of any hotel. The on-budget, on-time opening of a hotel will determine its short and medium term viability. A successful opening includes such critical activities as:

Destination Properties LLC provides all the activities through its preparation and delivery of a critical path, integrating all the key activities into a time and management accountable document.

Destination Properties LLC will also direct or work closely with specialists in all phases of design, purchasing, architectural and construction support. All of these factors need to be tailored to ensure that the appropriate standards are achieved upon opening and to ensure sustainability of financial goals.

Due Diligence and Acquisition

Our extensive experience in hotel acquisitions, via our associate partners, can help identify suitable hotel projects to fit the desired business model, formulate strategies for acquisition/financing and undertake transaction negotiations. We will use our experienced view-point to conclude:

Upon completion of this extensive asset due diligence, Destination Properties and its associate partners will summarize to ownership regarding:

Asset Management

Destination Properties LLC acts on behalf of owners and independent hotel developers to ensure that the operating management company or franchise affiliation are managing  performance. We also ensure that the owner/developer is in a position to make informed decisions relative to the selection of potential management and/or franchise companies to include the renegotiating of contracts.